Project-Solar energy

  1. Ben Laden Administration Building
         Hybrid System
         On grid (Fronius) 7 KW
         Off grid (Victron) 24 KW Backup system
         PV Solar Modules : Victron Mono 300 WP
         On Grid Inverter : Fronius Symo 7 KWP
         Off Grid Inverters : Victron Quattro 8 KWP x 3
         Batteries :  Victron OPZ 3800 Ah x 48

       2.Mobtadayan Building
          On Grid System
          On Grid (Fronius) 7 KW
          PV Solar Modules : Jurawatt Poly 250 WP
          On Grid Inverter : Fronius Symo 7 KWP

       3.MCV Bus Project
          Bus Backup System
          Off Grid (Victron) 5 KW
          Off Grid Inverters : Victron  Multiplus 5 KWP
          Batteries :  Victron Lithium 200 Ah x 2

       4.Gardenia Project
          On Grid System
          On Grid (Fronius) 12.5 KW
          PV Solar Modules: Jurawatt Poly 250 WP
          On Grid Inverter: Fronius Symo 7 KWP

      5.Connecting solar station with national grid
          GENIUS Meter counting the production of electricity from the solar station.
          GENIUS Meter connecting to solar station 3 phase in two ways from and to the national grid.
          GENIUS Meter.